Sunday, February 3, 2013

Stranger than stranger than fiction: Postmodernism

     Postmodernism takes it's course throughout the film Stranger than Fiction. It shows up a lot on people, places, and things. in the movie, there is a narrator, and animations. The narrator narrates the movie and explains what the main character, Harold Crick (Will Ferrel) does throughout every day. The animations show you clippings of what Harold sees in his head and shows why he is so good at math.
      The Narrator narrates Harold Crick's daily life; his emotions, physical exercises, simple techniques, and so on. For example, if Crick looks at a stack of files, the narrator will say,"He closely examines the files wondering what they keep inside", and it's in a British accent. Harold can hear the narrator, which is postmodern, and the voice in his head drives him insane until he finds his mysterious narrator.
       The visions are what goes on inside Ferrel's head, making him so good at math. His mental thoughts are projected into the movie for us, the audience to see. They're really sophisticated calculations that nobody can see besides the audience and Harold. They represent Harold's mind and what goes on to make the calculations he makes when he looks at things.
       Postmodernism comes from the everyday things that people don't generally do, it;s thinking outside of the box. the film portrays many examples of postmodernism, and Will Ferrel fit the movie perfectly to show it.

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