Thursday, December 13, 2012

            Thelma and Louise were just two country girls in need of a good ol' adventure. They got what they wanted, but everything went upside down from the time they got in the car to the time they never got out. That old Pontiac convertable became their best friend. Thelma & Louise had a lot of feminism through a Marxist lens. Thelma changed a lot throughout the film. From the start of the story, she was a girly-type house wife who listened to everything her overpowering husband commanded of her. She showed no type of independence and strength until she sat in the car to go on a "vacation" with her best friend Louise. That was her first step to being strong. later in the movie, Thelma realizes that she needs to do what she has to to to thrive in her situation and she becomes what nobody thought she'd ever be; strong.


  1. Anthony - Can you add more details (like describing specific scenes) from the film to prove your point? Also, remember that although the Marxist and Feminist lens are both about power, Marxism relates to money and Feminism relates to sex.

  2. Too short, my dear. Plus, I don't think you know what a feminist lens and a Marxist Lens is.