Friday, December 14, 2012

Blog 2: Toosie

Feminist Criticism: Tootsie

   Dustin Hoffman plays in Tootsie as the main character, Michael Dorsey. He's an actor who is temporarily out of business because he isn't so easy to work with. He disagree's with most director's decisions on stage direction and lines, making him a nuisance. Mike comes up with a new way to get time on stage on a soap opra when he takes one of his apprentices, Sandy, to an open audition for a part in a show that aires once-a-week. 

The roll for the show requires a strong independent woman, which is the exact opposite of what Michael's friend Sandy was. Mike took this to his advantage and threw a women's outfit on real quick. he was very appealing to most of the men he came into contact with, which was one of his problems/obstacles when being a woman. Mike got the part, but that's only one of the very few upside of having an alter ego.
        Dorsey changed his name (while being a woman) to Dorothy Michaels, similar to his own name. while on the set, Mike, still as Dorothy, fell in love with another girl who works on the set, Julie Nichols. This is the start of one of his problems being woman. Another problem along with this one is that his friend Sandy finds him getting undressed to get into his woman's clothes just in time for him to only be in his underwear, and he covered it up by saying "i want you" and that was it, it worked! And so now he's got one more issue that covers almost all; Dorothy is attractive to most guys on the set, such as Dr. Brewster. He was kissed by a man twice and he managed to keep his temper, keep in mind Dorothy is strictly for business. 
          Thelma and Louise can be compared to Tootsie. They both portrayed a good lok at Feminism, but naturally, being women, Thelma and Louise did a better job than Michael Dorsey. Thelma and Louise showed what true feminism is on a different scale. They changed or blossomed into new beings after an incident happened that changed their lives forever. They both got tougher, stronger, and smarter while on the run for their lives after killing a rapist. They both realize what they have to do to win, and that's to lose.



  1. Well played blog with understanding of the film.

  2. Overall, you had an organized summary and explanation of the film, but you should go deeper into detail about the way the movie portrays gender roles.