Sunday, January 6, 2013

Living the Hard Way- Boyz 'N the Hood

    Boyz 'N the Hood was an extraordinary film about the struggles that young African Americans go through growing up in a neighborhood where you have to be on your toes and keep a sharp eye out for danger. The movie focused specifically on the kid who was well-behaved and most likely to succeed, and that's Tre Styles.
     Tre lived with his mom until he was ten years old, and due to bad behavior in school, his mother sent him to go live with his dad in the ghetto. Tre grew up living there until he went to college, and that senior year when he was seventeen, was probably the worst year of his life.
     There are no second chances where Tre lived. If u did someone dirty, you got shot without a question asked. Tre's friend Doughboy, a vigilante, had a brother named Ricky. He was the star football player of his high school, didn't get into any trouble, and the only thing he needed to do was to get over a score of 700 on his SAT in order to get a scholarship to UCLA. Earlier that month that Ricky took his SAT, he was defending himself against an opposing gang. They shot and killed Ricky on the same day that he got his SAT scores in the mail, and he got a 710, eligible for college.
     Tre was one of the very few lucky kids in the hood. he knew who both his parents were, they did a good job raising him, and he turned out really good. I think that when it comes down to it, parenting is the main key to not having a hard time growing up. If there's good parenting, there's good kids, right?

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