Saturday, January 19, 2013

DTRT criticism

     In  DTRT, Mookie is a main character that represents a racial symbol. Throughout the film, he faces situtions in which race is an issue. Most of these comfrontations he's involved in are always brought upon him by the italian family he works for, Sal, the owner, and Vino and Pino, Sal's sons. Vito is the mean big brother of Pino, who is Mookie's friend. Vito always offends Mookie because he's black and racially depicts him.
     Another character that is racist toward another citizen living on his block is Buggin' Out. He and most of his friends are really racist and mean to the korean family-owned corner store. In turn, the Korean man is racist back, and they hate him for being self-defensive. Towards the end of the movie, a crowd of black people tear down Sal's Pizzeria and aim for the Korean man's store next. The man comes out of the store, broom in hand, and says "me, you, same". Of course, the mob reacts negatively but is stopped before taking the store down.
         Mostly all of the characters represent something. For example, Radio Raheem like to bring his big boom box wherever he goes, and plays it at full blast all the time. Buggin' Out overreacts over everything. He started the biggest problem in the whole movie, and that was that Sal had no black people on his "wall of fame', and Buggin' Out took that to heart and set up a boycott. Smiley represents Dr. Martin Luther King jr. and Malcolm X, and portrays characteristics of both. He publically speaks about them, and is against violence, like Dr. King. The only time he used violence was in self defense, which is what Malcom X said was the only necessary time to use violence.
            Violence was used a lot throughout the movie, but there were a few particular characters that used it excessively. The three old blak men that sit at the corner across the street from the corner-store use violence with words. they mouth off a lot about people, but mostly about the korean corner-store owner. They say that his store takes money away from the black people becasue he should stay in his own neighborhood and not take monwy from them. The other character that used excessive violence was the muscular police officer, but he did it physically. He thought the only way to calm Radio Raheem was to choke him out, and he killed him.


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